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The files

Previously I had two versions of this wad. One of them had the dehacked file in it and one didn't. However, since most, if not all, Doom players use some form of player that uses dehacked files, I got tired of uploading two different versions of the same thing every time I fixed a little bug. So, now, there's just the Ultimate.wad, which HAS the dehacked file included. If you previously have a game that is saved with the old version, which was Ultimatex.wad, you'll probably need to rename it back to that for the save file to work. The dehacked file includes custom level names, par times, storyline, and a few other odds and ends that I tweaked.

Remember, these levels are designed without jumping in mind. Jumping is considered cheating.

My Ultimate Doom 2 wad

Here's the dehacked.bex file all by itself, incase you like to add it on your own.

The dehacked file all by itself.

I'm sure there are a countless number of people out there that have done this. But incase you're one of the few that haven't, here is a fun bex file that I made that makes all weapons fully automatic, shoot very fast, and have infinite ammo. It's fun for a mindless time killing countless monsters.


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